Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Week 1

Welcome to a new series I'm starting on my blog: Travel Tuesdays! As you might have garnered from my last Friday's Fancies post, I'm suffering from a bout of unfulfilled wanderlust. I haven't been on a plane since January 8, and that is just not normal in my world. When I started this blog, I had hoped one of my major themes would be travel. I finally realized: Just because I'm not traveling right this second, does that mean I can't blog about travel? No! So today, I'm going to share with you one of my old travel experiences:


All photos taken by me, my little brother or my mom

As you might know, my mom moved to Switzerland for her job last fall. (You can follow her adventures as an expat here!) When I was 18, she traveled to Switzerland on some work-related business and took my little brother and me with her. (Lucky dogs, I know.) While my mom was stuck in meetings all day, Michael and I (kind of) learned how to use the bus system and gallivanted about the city, using our elementary Spanish to order food and ask for directions because it was a lot closer to French than English was! Here's a quick photo summary of our visit:
We stayed in Vevey, Switzerland, right on the shore of Lake Geneva:
While Mom was in meetings, Michael and I visited lots of museums around town.
The specific ones I remember are:
Audiorama (Swiss Museum of Sound and Image), which I see is now closed! How sad!
 second and third photos
Musée de l'Alimentation (Museum of Food) not pictured

We also visited quite a few castles:

On the weekends, when Mom was free, we left Vevey-Montreux and took the train to do fun things like visit The Olympic Museum in Lausanne (not pictured) or see the Matterhorn in Zermatt (photos below):
I wish I could share more photos with you, but unfortunately we took this trip before I got my trusty MacBook and I no longer have all the photos. So that's the basic rundown of our trip!

And finally, I had too many links to fit in my Saturday round-up last week, so I saved some travel-related ones for today:

I hope you enjoyed the first post in my new series! So tell me, have you been to Switzerland? Is it on your travel bucket list?


Carenpants said...

I love this idea! Great photos. Your hair was so long!

Megan said...

Thanks dear! And that's what my mom said haha. There was actually one photo of me with my hood up and my hair spilling everywhere so it looked REALLY long, but I didn't end up using it.

Terri said...

what a great series! can't wait to see what this brings! I definitely have a severe case of wanderlust for my minuscule wallet.

Megan said...

Thanks! I hope to see you back here every Tuesday. :) And I'm thinking about making it a link-up eventually, so you should definitely join in with your wanderlust plans when I do!

Carole said...

Nice blog. This is my travel bucket list. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/01/my-travel-bucket-list.html