Friday, February 3, 2012

Playlist: Workout Jams

The author of one of the blogs I follow, 25 Before 25, is hosting a fun workout music swap. I got paired with Meghan over at The Perfect Compilation Tape, and my mission is to share a 10-song (minimum) playlist for her to try out. First, two things:
  1. I think it's funny that Christy paired up two Meg(h)ans.
  2. I have really enjoyed discovering all these fun blogging projects over the past few weeks! First I joined Friday's Fancies, then all those book challenges, now this ... I can see how some people blog as a full-time job! (Ha; I wish.)
Another quick note: Two Meghans signed up for this swap, so the first time I looked I looked at the wrong one. The Meghan I wasn't paired with listed musicals as one of her favorite genres, so I was really excited because my absolute favorite running song (oddly enough) is "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. It's a great first track because it starts out slow, so you have time to warm up before Elphaba goes crazy with her amazing vocal cords toward the end, and by then you're so pumped you can't stop pushing it!

It wasn't until after I completed this blog post and scheduled it to be posted that I realized I had the wrong Meghan. (That's the double-checker in me.) But, the right Meghan mentioned that she loved Glee. Funny thing - look what I already had as #14. :) Without further ado, my playlist:

  1. "Defying Gravity," The Cast of Wicked
  2. "I'mma Shine," YoungBloodZ
  3. "All I Do Is Win," DJ Khaled
  4. "Dirt Off Your Bittersweet Shoulder," Jay-Z vs. The Verve (mash-up)
  5. "Show Me the Money," Petey Pablo 
  6. "Bleed It Out," Linkin Park
  7. "Heavily Broken," The Veronicas*
  8. "We Found Love," Rihanna
  9. "Give Me Everything," Pitbull
  10. "I Woke Up in a Car," Something Corporate
  11. "You Oughta Know," Alanis Morissette
  12. "One Week," Barenaked Ladies
  13. "Clothes Off!!" Gym Class Heroes
  14. "Halo/Walking On Sunshine," Glee Cast 
  15. "The Gift," Seether
I apologize that my iTunes are pretty outdated, but I do have a pretty eclectic taste. (Who ever thought they'd see YoungBloodZ and Alanis and Linkin Park on the same playlist?) But hopefully that means Meghan will find a song or two she likes!

*This song probably seems awfully slow for a "workout jam," but there's something about it that just motivates me.

What are your go-to workout songs? Do you have a special playlist on your iPod for inspiration?

Edited to add: Meghan posted her workout playlist for me here. There are a lot of new songs on there that I haven't heard of, so I'm excited to try them out!


Meghan said...

Ahh! This is an awesome list, Meghan! It's funny that you mentioned Wicked, because I also happen to LOVE musicals! And of course, the Glee mash-up you added is my favorite!

There are also a few songs I don't know at all, so I am really excited to check them out! Thanks again! :)

meghan said...

I love Wicked!! Defying gravity is one of my favorite songs! I definitely need to add it to my workout list. I bet it would be super motivational!! Thanks! And you should check out spotify. You pay a little each month and can download as many songs as you want. I guess the downfall I've found is that if I stop paying I lose all the songs, but I love that I can make new playlists each week for working out! :)

Megan said...

Whew! Glad you like it. :) Can't wait to see your choices for me!

Megan said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check that out. And yes, "Defying Gravity" is super motivational. Just make sure it's the first song on your playlist, or the beginning could drag down your workout a little haha.