Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Book Challenges!

Hello friends! First, let me admit I am actually writing this on January 27, but as I am in the middle of my 30-Day Book Challenge right now, I don't want to overwhelm you with too much bookworm-ness. So, I'm scheduling this post to go live the day after the 30-Day Book Challenge ends. (Today!)

So, in the midst of my 30-Day Book Challenge, I found a lot of great book blogs doing some pretty fun challenges. I've decided to do 10 of them this year! (Overachiever, I know.) I'm hoping a lot of them will overlap, and I got off to a good start as far as pacing goes in January, so hopefully that has held until now. (Remember, I'm writing this three weeks ago, so who knows what travesties have befallen me since then and prevented me from reading insatiably.)

I first discovered these "book challenges" on Reading Between Pages, which led me to more blogs which led me to more challenges ... eventually I just had to set my limit to 10 and say enough is enough! So, I'll be doing the following challenges, and I've already started keeping track of them here. (Maybe you've noticed?) I know it's already the middle of February, but you should join me! Let me know if you're going to attempt any with me and we can trade some encouragement throughout the next ten and a half months. :)
  1. A-Z Challenge
  2. Finishing the Series (Aiming for Level 3!)
  3. A Classics Challenge
  4. Off the Shelf
  5. Outdo Yourself
  6. Eclectic Reader
  7. What's In A Name 5
  8. Why Buy the Cow?
  9. Antonym Reading Challenge
  10. Read Your Name
Whew! Guess I better go catch up on my book....

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