Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On My Own: Sleep

I had the opportunity to catch up with some of my sorority sisters from Mizzou this past weekend, and one of them reminded me I still hadn't posted pictures of my apartment. (Well, not unless you count my uber-exciting bathroom and kitchen.) I took advantage of President's Day to catch up on some blogging, including two new posts in my "On My Own" series: Sleep and Play! (Play is scheduled to be posted on Saturday.)

1. After living in a twin bed for my entire life (and a bunk bed for the past several years), I am so excited to sleep in a queen bed now! It's quite funny, though, because I still only use about a third of the bed. The extra space is convenient to lay down my laptop or TV remotes, however, when I'm too lazy to get out of bed and put them away.
2. Although my apartment has an overhead light, it isn't close enough to my bed to provide ample reading light, and the switch is all the way across the room by the front door. I decided to build myself a makeshift nightstand by stacking up a few cardboard boxes from things I had bought for the apartment and covering them with this awesome fabric I bought at an open market in Kigali. Now I have a reading lamp and a nice little spot for my stuffed animals (I know, I'm basically a 5-year-old) and whatever book I happen to be reading before I turn out the light.
3. A close-up of the fabric I bought in Rwanda, which now covers my "nightstand."

P.S. - I'm planning on utilizing the blank wall above my headboard to hang this puppy when it arrives in the mail and finally fulfill No. 27 on my to-do list!

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