Monday, February 13, 2012

30-Day Book Challenge: Day 25

Edited to add: Jessica at Sweet Green Tangerine posed the question, "What character are you most like?" for her March 8th book chat. I decided to link up with this old post because it already answers that question! Check out Jessica's blog; she hosts a book chat link-up every Thursday.

Day 25 – The character I can relate to the most

Okay, so I'm not British and my parents aren't dentists. And I guess I can't do magic either.... So maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I have to pick Hermione Granger for today's theme. I remember when I read the first book, before I knew there would ever be a movie, I thought I should play Hermione if a movie ever came out. I had big front teeth (and a gap), I was nerdy, I loved logic games (remember how beautifully she performed on the way to the sorcerer's stone?) and all of my friends (except one) were boys. I would have been perfect! That's why I chose the above picture of Hermione. Look at her dorky little smile and her arms full of books! That is totally me.

Image via the University of Hawaii
But I have to admit, I do love Emma Watson. I guess she's an okay alternative to me. In fact, I always answer Emma Watson (with an American accent) during icebreaker games when I'm asked who would play me in a movie. I think that's my last hope at somehow finding a connection to Hermione.

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Jessica Bucher said...

Love it :) I love her feisty-ness.
Thanks for participating!