Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things that make me go "hmm."

Happy weekend, everyone! I was pretty busy at work this week (making cool stuff like this), so I don't have as many fun links from the week as I usually do, but I hope you enjoy what I've found!

Random picture of the week: Did you ever play airplane with your parents when you were little? I think this is such a cute reminder of that (but not with your parents, obviously).

The world's first ski-in/ski-out Starbucks opened at Squaw Valley last week! (You have to scroll down the page a little to find the story.)

A sweet love letter from my new favorite website.

Robots riding camels? Yes, it's true. And has been since 2005.

Introducing: The best (and easiest!) egg sandwich you'll ever have.

Is sportsmanship dead?

Man has heart attack at Heart Attack Grill. You can't make this stuff up.

The new, environmentally friendly slogan for Mardi Gras beads? "Catch and release."

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Rajnish said...

sweet post. Like the pic and especially the airplane lines which reminded me my childhood days.