Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Week 5

In honor of the Oscars coming up on Sunday, {av} planned a lovely "Hollywood Glam" Friday's Fancies this week. Unfortunately, I'm not the "glam" type, and I don't watch the Oscars, so I decided to deviate from the planned theme for the first time (which {av} encourages!) and show you what my typical travel outfit looks like. (I apologize in advance; it's not very "fancy.")

I decided on this theme because lately, I've been suffering from a slight case of cabin fever. I've gone almost seven weeks without any having any pending airline itineraries, and I don't know when I'll have one next! Growing up, my family was constantly traveling to visit family across the U.S., and in college I was often planning weekend trips to visit my sister or boyfriend in other states. Now that I'm in the "big-girl world," however, I don't have the luxury to skip Friday classes and hop on a Southwest flight somewhere, so I'm just biding my time until the next travel opportunity presents itself. And finally, behold my typical airplane outfit (and accessories, of course):

I apologize in advance for the odd inclusion of numbers below.
I didn't think this one out too well.... 

I do not feel it is necessary to look cute when traveling by air, but I do feel I've outgrown my days of being able to wear sweatpants on a plane and look socially acceptable. I also feel gross when I get off the plane, so wearing real clothes at least makes me feel a little bit more put together. Typically, I wear my bulkiest items on the plane to save room in my suitcase. (As you might remember, I am a strong advocate of limiting my luggage to a single carry-on.) This almost always includes sneakers (7) and jeans (5). Likewise, I prefer to wear a necklace (6) on the plane rather than pack it to prevent it from getting tangled. I also find it is important to wear layers (1, 2 & 3) because the cabin temperature can be unpredictable, and I hate having to reach over my neighbor to adjust the air. Lightweight fabrics are key, as well as a V-neck cut to not feel too stifled. Zip-up sweaters are great for easy removal, and I often like to wear Mizzou- or Alpha Delta Pi-themed clothing because I've struck up a lot of great conversations with fellow students or alumni in airports that way.

In addition to my apparel, I actually got the pictured suitcase (8) for Christmas from my wonderful boyfriend, and I love it! I'd been wanting a hard-shell carry-on for a while, so this was perfect. I've also become a big fan of the Kindle (4) — for mostly travel-related reasons — but more on that later. (I know, I know! I am such a bookworm, and at first I felt like I betrayed my love of reading, but it just isn't so! I promise! Look for my expanded post on that on Sunday!)

P.S. - With the exception of the sneakers, I made a point to pick only items actually within my budget. So this is a very affordable outfit! :)

What are your must-wears and/or must-haves when you travel? Does it differ if you're traveling by land vs. air?


ashlyn | nicole said...

that outfit looks super comfy for a plane ride!
happy weekend

xx :: ashlyn
let it be beatuiful

Stephanie said...

I so want a hard shell carry on! I hate it when my stuff gets smashed!

Megan said...

Definitely worth the investment! And it fits a surprising amount of stuff!

Patty said...

A knit skirt with boots or sandals, depending on the season. Onboard, take off the boots/sandals and put on a pair of footie socks from your carry-on and it's like wearing pajamas on the plane, but looks much better!