Sunday, January 29, 2012

On My Own: Eat

It's been so long since I've posted in my "On My Own" series that you've probably either forgotten I moved into a new apartment or just don't care anymore. I've been a little distracted by some other blogging projects (mostly about books), but I haven't forgotten my promise to detail my new apartment for you! Today's focus is eat.

1. My "kitchen" is actually a bunch of cabinets and appliances against one wall of my studio. I don't have an oven, but I do have a four-burner cooktop and I bought a slow cooker, so I can still make pretty much anything except baked goods. I hung my study abroad photo contest prize on the wall, one of only two pieces of artwork I've actually hung so far. (The other is a zebra canvas, also from Rwanda.)
2. The mini-fridge makes storing a gallon of milk difficult, but other than that it is perfectly adequate for only one person. The apartment came with all the appliances shown here, including the microwave, toaster oven and coffeemaker (yay!). The only kitchen things I had to buy when I arrived were a kettle and a slow cooker. The cabinets were even fully stocked with dishes!
3. I keep my food organized with a cheap storage unit I got at Target a few summers ago on sale for about $15. The top left cube is for breakfast/beverages, the top right is for snacks, and the bottom cubes are for more substantial food items, including pasta, soup and canned vegetables.
4. I do have a large table that I can eat at, but I prefer to use this adorable little TV table that came with the studio. It folds up easily against the wall when I'm not using it, and it's the perfect size for my meal plus a book, laptop or TV remote. I also got an "energizing" three-wick candle at Bath and Body Works (limited-time only 2 for $20 promotion!) that I've been burning through pretty quickly. Being able to burn candles hasn't lost its novelty yet!

Stay tuned for the final three installments in this series: Sleep, Work and Play.

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