Sunday, January 8, 2012

By the Numbers: 2011

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, normally. I figure if I want to do something, I'll set a goal and do it; I don't need it to be January 1st to feel motivated. However, reading all my lovely fellow bloggers New Year's Resolutions posts has gotten me in the mood to set a few goals for myself. Before I do that, though, I think it's important to see what I've accomplished in the past year. So here's a rundown of 2011, by the numbers.

Books read (not for class): 9 
(I really hope it's more than that, but that's all I have recorded on my Goodreads and
I can't remember all the way back to how many books I read last winter break.)

Miles traveled (by plane - everything else is too hard to count!): 47,347*
- 14,661 miles from January until July
- 25,937 miles for my trip to Africa and back
- 6,749 miles from August to December (the spring was much busier!)
*Number is slightly underestimated, as many distances are as the crow flies, not actual flight distance.

Countries visited (not counting layovers, of course): 2 
- Rwanda and Kenya

States visited: 10 
- Hawaii, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia, South Dakota, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina

Source: Google Images

Papers written: 23 (totaling 135 pages)
Exams taken: 12 (but before you complain, see above!)

Complete television seasons watched on Netflix: 17
- Five seasons of Law and Order: SVU
- Five seasons of Greek
- Two seasons of Glee
- Two seasons of Dollhouse
- Three seasons of Lie to Me

Movies watched on Netflix: 25
(I can't keep track of every other movie I've seen, hence the Netflix limitation.)

Number of drinks bought at Starbucks (oops): 65

Let me know if you think of something else you want me to count from last year. With my obsessive record-keeping, I can probably find a semi-accurate number somewhere!

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