Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things that make me go "hmm."

Have I mentioned all the awesome things about my internship yet? No? Well, I can't decide what the best part is, so I'll let you decide. Is it:
A) The fact that "business casual" actually means "jeans,"
B) Having my own office ... with a window!
C) Getting to troll the Internet all day for cool/interesting/weird stuff?
While you ponder that, I'm going to elaborate on option (C) a little bit. My first job every day when I get to work is to find interesting stories for our "News From the Field" column, which consists of four to five briefs every morning linking up to other news stories around the web. (See some examples of the briefs I've written so far here, here and here.) Unfortunately, a lot of the cool stuff I find doesn't really fit in with the theme of Outside magazine. Fortunately, I can still share it with you here, on my blog! From now on, every Saturday will feature a post with my favorite links from around the web. Get excited!

If you're going to create a 1,000-pound, life-size butter sculpture, I guess you might as well put it to good use!

For all my chocoholics out there: 10 must-visit chocolate destinations.

Apparently this car can fold itself up so three of it can fit in one parking spot. Neat!

Dine with the Queen? No thank you.

If this girl was really on a 15-year chicken nugget diet, and she's only 17 years old, what in the heck were her parents thinking feeding a toddler nothing but nugs?

I found three science articles referencing Harry Potter. Could this possibly be a way to get children more interested in the environment?
  1. Can you find the bezoars in this story?
  2. Of course no story about the invasion of snowy owls is complete without a mention of Hedwig.
  3. Could it be true? Could scientists be getting close to inventing an Invisibility Cloak??
This New Hampshire bill will surely evoke some strong emotions in you, whether you're on one side of the gay marriage issue or the other.

The return of Netflix! (I, for one, never left its side.)

"Red": a short story. (Thanks to @longreads for this interesting read.)

An argument in defense of saving old buildings. Actually, two arguments.

Vintage maps. Neat-o.

And finally, a mocking letter from a death row inmate in North Carolina. (You can download the full letter using the link under "Rich Media" to the right of the article.)

So tell me, did you find any of these links as fascinating as I did? Until next week!

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