Saturday, January 14, 2012

#4: Live alone.

This is the first of (hopefully) many posts in a series about completing items on my bucket list. Today marks my third day as the sole tenant of a studio apartment. As soon as my power drill charges, I'll be able to finish putting together my new shelves and can declare myself officially moved in! Likewise, I can officially say I have lived alone, and will do so for the next six months (give or take).

So glad I didn't get the 9-cube unit. Those screws are tricky!
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

I anticipate writing a longer series about living on my own, including pictures of the apartment, shopping lists and budgetary concerns, but for now, here are my first impressions:
  • Pro: I have my own washer and dryer, no quarters necessary. Such a relief after living in campus/sorority housing for almost four years!
  • Con: My shower doesn't have a tub. Not that I'm used to one (see above), but a bathtub would have been nice.
  • Pro: I have my own coffeemaker! Finally, I can save some money by not visiting Starbucks so frequently.
  • Con: My fridge is mini-sized. I didn't think this would be a big deal because I only have to feed myself, but I had to take out a shelf to make my gallon of milk fit.
  • Pro: I sleep in a queen bed!! No more bunk beds for this girl.
  • Con: Honestly, I'm just coming up with cons to even this list out. There are way more pros!
In conclusion, I am thoroughly enjoying my new place! Stay tuned for more details.

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