Sunday, September 22, 2013

Currently: celebrating my favorite season!

It's the first day of fall! Woohoo! Get ready for an autumn-centric "currently" post today. I absolutely love autumn—it is my favorite season of the year, hands down—but I've been holding off on any autumn posts until the official first day. I'm happy it's finally here!

Casual autumn outfit by Megan of Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
Autumn pleasures by mcszr3 on Polyvore

reading | Skeletons at the Feast still. I took a short break last week to read Blue Like Jazz because its due date at the library was approaching, but I didn't get the chance to finish it before I had to return it. I've heard great things but honestly wasn't too impressed with the nine chapters I was able to read. Thoughts from anyone who has read it are appreciated!

writing | my blog posts for the entire week. Or at least that's the plan. :) I need to get a new system going.

listening | to the 49ers game on TV. I've never been a Niners fan, but the fiance and I just bought tickets to a game in December. We'll see how that goes.

thinking | about the beautiful orange leaves on my bike ride yesterday. I wish I had stopped to take a photo, but I was going uphill and was worried I wouldn't be able to get going again haha.

smelling | crisp autumn air from outside the window! We had our first rainy day yesterday and it was glorious.

wishing | I had the motivation to run the seven miles I'm supposed to run today. Maybe in an hour. ;)

hoping | lots of people participate in my Banned Books Week photo challenge this week! I posted my first challenge photo this morning. (Note: If you have a private profile, please make it public for this week or let me know so I can follow you. My Instagram says there are 20 pictures with the #bookphotoaday hashtag, but I can only see six of them!)

wearing | a long-sleeved navy sweaterdress, my new postage scarf and knee-high cable socks. I love fall and fall fashion!!

loving | that I was able to wear long sleeves and boots to church this morning and feel comfortable.

wanting | a salted caramel mocha. Yum. Plus I have a little bit of a headache, and caffeine always helps. (I know, I know—that's a sign of addiction!)

needing | nothing. I am perfectly content today. :)

feeling | blessed to have a friend from our hometown visiting today. It's always great catching up with friends who don't live in the area.

clicking | through the 98 unread posts on my Bloglovin' feed. I made great progress yesterday, but I need to start making more time to read my favorite blogs during the week so they don't pile up.

P.S. — Check out my "Fall Friday" series from last year, including my love for the foliage, the fashion, more fashion, the football, the food and the footwear. Oh, and this fall-tastic Instagram photo. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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The Lady Okie said...

I've read Blue Like Jazz a few times. I remember really liking them, but I'm wondering if I read it now if I would enjoy it as much. It was back in college when they were all the rage, and they seemed to fit my current state of mind. I think you either love it or hate it, and I do know people who hate it, so if you didn't like it, I wouldn't feel too bad about it.

Unknown said...

7 miles? wow oh wow, lady!

Ashley @ ThisUnscriptedLife said...

I don't think I could be motivated to run 1 mile lol...unless someone was chasing me.

I love Fall fashion. It's cold enough now to wear boots and scarves. That makes me very happy!

Liene said...

So happy autumn is here! However now I'm craving a salted caramel mocha...

Fran said...

I looove fall fashion. And my husband is officially jealous that you're going to a Niners game, he's a huge fan!

Irene said...

Love autumn and loved reading this post! Fall is also my favourite season and I really like most of the things that come with it, like falling leaves, fall fashion and roasted chestnuts :)

I also want to try and be a bit more structure when it comes to my blog content and writing. I might also try to organize it weekly.