Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in Review: 09.14.2013

Welcome to another weekend, everyone! I'm planning to attend both a local parish picnic and a sorority alumnae happy hour today, so the fiance and I will be socializing a little more than usual. :) And of course, weekends are always better when you have college football and homemade guacamole—which we do! Let's take a peek at the past week:

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In case you missed it: My Travel Tuesday post this week featured photos from my vacation to Seville, Spain, and the lovely Sarah from Any Way the Wind Blows shared her itinerary for a day in Monterey on my blog yesterday. You can also check out my featured post on {long distance loving} (referenced in the second-most popular post above) here.

>> Why do you blog? Nicole from Treasure Tromp reminded me just why I love blogging so much with this post about how blogging has changed her life. (P.S. — Be sure to join her link-up next Tuesday and find some fabulous new blogs to read!)

>> I cannot wait to try this delicious game-day recipe from Rainstorms & Love Notes. I'm not a potato chip fan, but I do enjoy a good homemade batch, and of course anything covered in queso blanco is okay in my book (or stomach).

>> I finally read The Fault in Our Stars last month, and this quote really stood out to me. Apparently it stood out to this guy, too. Warning: Super adorable proposal story ahead!!

>> This is probably old, but I just saw it for the first time this week. Professor Snape always gets me on Twitter. That funny man.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Fran said...

Thank you for sharing that link for homemade potato chips - those look so good!

Sarah Pete said...

That proposal story is PRECIOUS! Love it when bookish people do big bookish things like that ;]

Unknown said...

ah, thank you for sharing my post! So glad that you liked it.

I bought The Fault In Our Stars but have yet to read it. Looks like it just got bumped up on my reading list