Friday, May 4, 2012

What goes through my mind in the security line.

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm (hopefully) on a plane to Oakland right now (ah, the beauty of scheduled posts), but after boarding a plane two weeks ago for the first time in months (seriously, I think I set a personal record for keeping my feet on the ground) and jetting off again today, I had some airport-related thoughts I wanted to share with you.

There are those who are savvy travelers, and those who are not. Now, I like to think of myself as a savvy traveler, but I'm sure I make mistakes, too. There are some mistakes I do not make, though. For example, I know how to use a kiosk to self-check-in and how to get through the security line quickly. I also know which types of people to avoid. Here's my basic pre-boarding procedure:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Hmm, something tells me he needs to remove his cape, as well.

1. Before I even get to the airport, I put my credit card and my driver's license in an easily accessible pocket. The fastest way for me to access my itinerary at a kiosk is usually swiping my credit card, and then, of course, I need my ID to get through security. Why don't people understand this? Take your freaking card out of your wallet and have it in your hand when you reach the TSA agent! Whew, sorry. I'll try to make this more of a general travel advice post and not a rant. :)

2. Most airports have multiple security lines to choose from once you get your identification checked. Here are some people I avoid: Children. Especially children in strollers. Moms who are yelling at their kids (they're probably going to mess something up). That one man who still has his coat and/or shoes on even though all his belongings are on the conveyer belt. He obviously doesn't know what's going on. At the very best, you'll have to wait for him to remove his outer garments when he gets to the detector/scanner. At the worst, he also left all the change in his pockets plus forgot a pistol or something in his bag.

3. I know exactly what I need to take out of my bags, and I'm prepared. My laptop is within easy reach in my purse, and my liquids are in an outside pocket of my bag. I always get two trays: one for my shoes, jacket and liquids, and one for my laptop. I usually have my shoes off, jacket draped over my shoulder and laptop and liquids in one hand waiting for a tray before the person in front of me has untied his or her shoes. Sigh....

If only more people were this considerate....

4. When I finally get through the line, I do not stop and put on my shoes and put everything back in its zippered pocket while people are in line behind me! That's why they have those little chairs and/or benches a few feet past the end of the line. Take your luggage and get it situated there, not next to the crowded conveyer belt. Plus, if you leave your belongings on the belt too long, it backs everything up.

I know I sounded like kind of a snob in this post, but I do get impatient at airports. It's something I need to work on, and I acknowledge that. As my grandma would say, I need to offer it up. In my defense, though, I have been complimented by numerous TSA agents who are shouting instructions down the line, and when they get to me they just say, "Oh, you got this." Yes, I got this.

So thanks for putting up with my insufferableness today! I hope you still come back and read my future posts. :) If it will make you feel better, please tell me in the comments: What are your pet peeves when traveling? Which behaviors by other passengers make you want to shove them into a suitcase?

P.S. — Does anyone else read The TSA Blog? You would not believe the stuff some people try to take through airport security!


Carenpants said...

Love the infographic. As you can imagine, I was clueless for my first flight, but I'm getting better. My grandma always used to say "offer it up" too. Safe travels!

Joslin said...

I've been traveling regularly since I was 10 (product of a divorced couple), so I've pretty much got it down pat. I can hang with the businessmen haha! I get through it exactly how you do...prepared ahead of time, knowing what I need out and what I need away, and moving quickly to avoid a traffic jam. The TSA blog is hilarious! Thanks for that.

Sara said...

This was great Megan! Though I probably dont fly as often as you do (I wish I did) but I have similar pet peeves!