Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo a Day: May (Round 2)

I shared the first half of my pictures from Fat Mum Slim's #photoadayMay challenge earlier this month. Now that the month is over, it's time for round two:

Here are a few quick explanations for the photos that need it:

16. I was reading We Need to Talk About Kevin, and I highly recommend it!
19. One of my favorite places is the bike trail in Santa Fe on weekends.
22. I've had this pink keychain since I was 15. I know it's cheesy, but it still makes me smile. :)
23. With all the technology available today, I was appalled by this glaring typo in a Penguin book.
30. I have a totally addictive personality. This was the 19th Law & Order episode I had seen on Netflix in four days. (Oh, and I'm watching another one as I write this. Hehe.)

Who's participating in the June challenge? Follow me on Instagram at @mcstroup to see more of my photos.

Edited to add: I was pretty sad when {a little dash of ash} cancelled her Instagram link-up a few weeks ago, but I found a new one at Life Rearranged today! Check out the other linkers by clicking this button:

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Alyx said...

I've never tried this because I know I'd be a total failure!!

Anonymous said...

You're WAY good. I'm...terrible. Ha! I'm going to shoot for the June one..we shall see!

Keep Shining,

Krissa said...

I love your do you make that? I tried doing the photo a day challenge but only lasted through February! :)

DSR said...

I love the collage you made. This challenge is about to get remarkably easier now that you're an Instagram user. Just started following you on IG too! Good luck :)