Thursday, May 31, 2012


Happy almost-weekend everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to do a little housekeeping on the blog, namely to share my latest Book Chat link-up, introduce my new Twitter account and promote a giveaway.

First, my weekly Book Chat link-up with Sweet Green Tangerine. Today's topic is Favorite Female of Fiction, so I'm reusing this old post from my 30-Day Book Challenge. I also wanted to share the adorable button Jessica made for this week's Book Chat. Click on it to check out the other posts in the link-up:

Second, as you might or might not have noticed, Semi-Charmed Kind of Life now has its own Twitter account. My primary reason for making this account was to be able to separate my blog-related social media from my personal tweets. If you already follow my personal account, don't feel obligated to follow @SemiCharmedKoL, as I will probably retweet most of the good stuff on my personal account. I do plan to use my blog's Twitter account to promote giveaways, interact with other bloggers and occasionally crowd-source ideas and/or ask for advice, so feel free to follow both if you wish. :) Do you have separate Twitter accounts for yourself and your blog? How has that been working out?

Screenshot via Twitter

Finally, speaking of giveaways, Fake Rain is giving away a $10 Target card and $5 Starbucks card for reaching 100 followers on GFC (congrats, girl!). Enter here by June 2. This isn't the only 100-follower giveaway I've seen lately (Sigh...Gush...Gasp's just ended), and it's been getting me thinking that maybe I should host my first giveaway when if I reach 100 followers on GFC. So tell me: What are your favorite items to see in giveaways? Do you prefer Rafflecopter or another method? Futhermore, would anyone be interested in helping me make this a group giveaway when if the time comes?

Screenshot via Fake Rain

Thanks for reading all my little housekeeping bits today. I'll try to write up something more interesting to post this weekend. :)

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Amy said...

In giveaways I love seeing ad space on bigger blogs combined with physical items (gift cards, jewelry, etc). I prefer a combo of these items because even after the free ad space is gone, I still have something to keep reminding me I won the giveaway.

Also, I would love to help you make it a group giveaway. Just let me know what I need to do! :)