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Best of April & May: Two Months in Review

Once again, I completely missed a monthly check-in, so I'm going to fill you in on two months of happenings in my life and on my blog today. I have to say, it was kind of weird thinking back to April and what I did that month. I fluctuated between "That was really two months ago? It feels like yesterday!" and "Oh my goodness, that was only two months ago? I barely remember that." Is anyone else feeling like 2014 shouldn't be almost halfway over already???

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So basically, y'all are telling me the only thing you like better than photos of books are photos of my fiance? I can't say I blame you. ;) But really, April and May were relatively tame compared to some of our busier months this year. We celebrated our one-year engagement anniversary on May 18 by registering for wedding gifts, treating ourselves to In-N-Out and opening a bottle of wine my sister and her boyfriend got us from the vineyard where we got engaged. I also started my third annual summer reading challenge (it's not too late to join!) and have been reading some great books (details below).

June is shaping up to be another crazy month; we had family visiting this weekend and we'll be out of town the next three weekends, but we were able to take some time this afternoon to nap and for me to catch up on some blog reading. Oh—and did I mention we're training for a triathlon? We're on week five of the training plan now to plan for the big race on July 19! (That reminds me: I guess we'll also be out of town at least the first three weekends of July as well! Yikes!) Looks like my next two monthly recaps will be chock-full of fun stuff. :) For now, continue reading after the jump to see what you (and I!) liked the past two months.

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Jonathan and I helped his parents with a yard sale last month, and we just couldn't resist offering his sister's pug to the highest bidder. (photo via Instagram)

On My Bookshelf
The Paris Wife, Paula McLain // Life After Life, Kate Atkinson
Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh // Where'd You Go, Bernadette, Maria Semple
One Thousand White Women, Jim Fergus

On My iPod

The triathlon Jonathan and I are training for includes a kayaking component, but we don't have regular access to kayaks, so we've been doing a lot of training on the rowing machines at the gym. Some of the days are long (we did 50 minutes yesterday!), and the motion is pretty repetitive, so music just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. Last week, I downloaded the free Apple Podcasts app on my phone, and I have been loving it. I've even been listening to some episodes in the evenings while I'm cooking/cleaning up/generally puttering around the apartment. The best part is the ability to download episodes to my device, so I don't have to use cellular data to stream the podcast at the gym (or work, or the car, or wherever!). Here are my three favorite stations I've discovered so far:

How was/is your spring? Do you have any other podcast stations I should add to my playlist?

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