Friday, June 20, 2014

New Book on the Shelf! (Summer Book Swap)

Hosting reading challenges attracts a lot of book-loving bloggers to my little corner of the Internet. One of these bloggers is Carly from Carly Blogs Here, and when I heard she was co-hosting a summer book swap with Tiffany, Emily and Lauren, I knew I had to participate. What's better than getting a book in the mail?? (Getting a book paw-delivered to you by a corgi, of course. Sorry, I've just been on a huge corgi kick lately....)

Anyway, I was so excited to be paired with Sara from Life & Leopard—she's a fellow Literary Junkie, so it was fun to have a familiar name to swap with. And when she emailed me her favorite authors, I just knew I'd found my reading soulmate. So of course I was confident I would receive an awesome book from her, but I didn't expect her to know me quite so well.

How could she have known that I almost bought this book myself when I was at Barnes & Noble picking out her gift?? Seriously, I was looking for Maphead in the social sciences section (for me—you'll have to stop by her blog to see what I picked out!), and I saw Behind the Beautiful Forevers and thought, "Oh! I've been wanting to read that." Luckily, I was able to restrain myself, because I got to unwrap it in the mail just a short time later. :)

Thank you for being such an awesome partner, Sara! I'm excited to read my new book, and I hope you liked my choice for you!

Summer Blog Swap

What book would you most like to receive in the mail right now? Click the button above to see what other bloggers gave and got this week!

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