Friday, May 9, 2014

Go Green! (Mental Health Awareness Swap Reveal)

A few weeks ago, I found a green-themed accessories swap opportunity on A Cute Angle. As if I wasn't already sold on the idea of getting a fun new green accessory, I then discovered Ashley was hosting the swap in honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month (May). I was partnered with the fabulous Maddie over at The Whimsy One. It was so fun learning about Maddie through her blog (right off the bat, I discovered we are both huge bookworms) and shopping for some green goodies to send her way. As with any swap, though, the best part was opening my package and seeing what Maddie had picked for me!

Maddie said she wanted me to "pamper myself" with this package, and I will definitely take her up on that invitation! Plus, I love fuzzy socks. I wear them around my apartment all the time when we're too cheap to turn the heat on. ;) And I painted my toenails within about five minutes of opening my package and seeing that glorious mint polish:

(Please excuse my unprofessional paint job. I don't always color inside the lines haha.)

Thanks for being such an awesome partner, Maddie, and thanks to Ashley for hosting this swap! Now I can sport my green toes throughout the month of May to raise awareness for mental health, and I found a fabulous new blog to read.

What is the last blogger swap you participated in? Did you know May was National Mental Health Awareness Month?

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