Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Book Chat: Favorite Setting

I'm guessing I'm going to be in the vast majority of book chatters today when I pick the Wizarding World for my favorite setting. I usually try to stay away from the Harry Potter books for Book Chat prompts, considering I used them so often for my 30-Day Book Challenge series last year, but nothing else compares this week.


It's not just the beauty of the setting that caused me to pick the Wizarding World. Yes, Hogwarts is majestic and mysterious; and yes, Diagon Alley is bustling and bursting at the seams with magical glory; and yes, Hogsmeade is quaint and full of character. Even the evil settings in Harry Potter have a terrifying beauty about them (I'm thinking The Cave).

But, it's not just the actual places that make Harry Potter an easy pick for this week; it's the entire world J.K. Rowling created. The Harry Potter series has its own currency, its own methods of transportation, its own magical creatures, its own sporting games, its own government, its own food and its own fashions. Rowling even created magical communities in other parts of the world outside Great Britain and has intricate family trees for almost every character. Rowling has a background story for every detail of the Wizarding World and tons of anecdotes and facts she couldn't fit into the books. It truly is an entirely different world, and it is impressively thorough.

Image via Tumblr.
Image via Tumblr.
Image via Muggle Madness.
Image (and butterbeer recipe!) via Bakingdom.

Now that is talent, and that is what makes the Wizarding World my favorite book setting.

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Anonymous said...

Those images make me swoon! I love the HP world!
Thanks for reminding me about Pottermore, I haven't been on for months.

Ashley @ ThisUnscriptedLife said...

You put it perfectly. J.K Rowling didn't just set a scene she created an entire world. I'm fascinated by every aspect of it. I wish they would make a vacation place you could go and REALLY live like you were in that magical world not just go to Orlando and experience a tiny bit. I'd pay big money for that lol. I'm sure I wouldn't be alone. I don't think I've read any other book that really makes me feel that way.

elle at wishingoodluck said...

Oooh I was on Pottermore and was sorted into Ravenclaw but it was still in it's beta stages and there wasn't much to do on the site after that point so I kind of abandoned it. Has it been given a second life?

Whitney said...

Reading HP totally took me to another world. I was so involved in the books that I felt like I was transported as I was reading. I honestly don't think I'll ever read a book that has such an amazing sense of setting again!

Unknown said...

Mine was Harry Potter too! I love Hogsmeade!!!! I'm dying to try some butterbeer!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

One of my favorites to get lost in too!

Jessica Bucher said...

It's the world of HP that really draws me to it. I'm glad you shared this. I love that she created such an intricate world. That's amazing.

smug princess said...

Without a doubt! I would have said the same!

melissa said...

I could talk about Harry Potter for years, but I'll just leave it at... I LOVE HOGWARTS. Absolutely my favorite setting!