Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo A Day: January

So I may be absent from Instagram right now, but I made these collages a while ago, so this is still okay, right?

1. I saw Les Miserables my first day back in the States over winter break.
2. I also actually got to watch the new episode of SVU on real television. That never happens!
3. I posted this little beauty on my 100-month anniversary. <3

4. The view of Washington D.C. from my window seat on my first day back on the road (or in the skies).
5. I love it when I can get moving on chapter visits.
6. Sometimes I miss my beautiful pup!
8. My travel plans for January.

14. The bag might be yellow, but all the candies were shades of red!
15. Just an ordinary moment writing snail mail.
17. These delicious chocolate-covered pretzels were ready for recruitment at Allegheny College!
21. Flyover states: That's what I do.

22. Our little corner of the hallway at the Sacred Heart University colony.
26. Better together: Marketing with the Delta Upsilon consultants at the SHU basketball game.
29. I am so excited to watch the Sacred Heart colony grow this semester!
31. Finally, just me: A senior photo by Aaron Draper.

Do you participate in the photo a day challenge? I'll be missing February and March, but I'm excited to be back in April!

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