Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Book Chat: Abandoning Books

I don't know how Jessica keeps coming up with such great Book Chat topics week after week, but somehow she does! And this week is no exception:


I almost never abandon books. Books are our friends! I always tell myself it might get better, and I always want to know what happens in the end (which is why I picked up Fifty Shades Freed yesterday, even though I hated the first two books). However, I am always disappointed when I finish a book and know I should have spent my time reading one of the 291 books on my TBR list. Here are a few books I wish I had abandoned:

No. Just no. I know this book got rave reviews, but is there an actual person out there who enjoyed it? I did finish it within two weeks because my mom lent it to me on my Kindle and it expired after 14 days, but it was hard. Let's just say I'm glad I only wasted 14 days of my life on this book and not more.

De. Press. Ing.
                    That's what this book was.
                              And I even like sad books!

The only book I can remember starting and not finishing is Anna Karenina, and that's only because I had to read four books for AP English that summer and I realized there was no way I would finish it on time. I definitely plan on picking it up again sometime though, especially because I need to read it before I see the movie.

How do you feel about abandoning books? Can you put one down if you don't like it, or are you like me and have to keep trudging though?


Bex said...

I very rarely can NOT finish a book. It took me forever to think of one when writing my own post. And I totally agree, Atonement was just blah.

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Jessica Bucher said...

I saw Atonement and I would be furious if I had wasted more than two hours on that story. I felt robbed after the movie.
I have Freedom sitting on my shelf and I'm curious about it, but now a little worried after your review.
I admire your ability to drudge through a book even if you're not loving it. I think I have ADD or something because if I'm not LOVING it, I'll start making grocery lists while i"m reading or something. LOL
Oh and did you see my comment on Goodreads about you starting Fifty Shades again? LOL hope you know I was just joking with you but it made me laugh when I saw that. You really are persistent with those books! :)

Dorothy said...

I haven't read any of these books (except Anna Karenenia which I hated). Definitely read Posionwood Bible! And her other books as well. All fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Revolutionary Road. But yes, it's depressing. Very, very depressing. Have you watched the movie?

Rachael said...

I have never heard of any of those books, but this weeks topic isn't a great place to get book recommendations.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have had abandoned books more because of a time issue than because I gave up on them. I like to give every book a chance. Although some books that I couldn't finish in time don't make it back on my To Read list, so I guess it's the same except I didn't pull the plug myself, the library did ;)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I ending up return THe Casual Vacancy to the library. I just couldn't do it and I so rarely don't finish a book. I wish I had abandoned Gone Girl and all the 50 Shades books (I picked up the 2nd and 3rd even though I swore I wouldn't too!)