Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Grammar Guide: Since vs. Because

Welcome to a new series on Semi-Charmed Kind of Life: Grammar Guide! Grammar tips are something I've been wanting to share on the blog for a while, but I've always been nervous because I, too, make mistakes. What if I made a grammatical error in a post about grammar?? Wouldn't that be embarrassing?? (If I do, please feel free to point it out in the comments below, so I can fix it as soon as possible! Seriously!)

Today, I'll start with something basic but important: the difference between "since" and "because."

Since is used to denote time, e.g. "I have not gone to the movies since Mary moved away."

Because is used to signify causation, e.g. "I had to go alone because Mary could not accompany me."

I constantly find myself typing or saying "since" when I really mean "because." If you find yourself doing this often and the habit is hard to break, I should point out some sources note "since" is now used interchangeably with "because." However, I would also like to point out "irregardless" is now listed as a word in the dictionary. <insert unimpressed emoji here> Simply because years of inaccurate use have made something a convention of language does not mean we need to accept it as correct. :) Who's with me, grammar nerds?!

What grammar issue would you like me to address next? (Hmm, what vs. which would be a good one....)

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