Saturday, August 29, 2015

Discovering new blogs: A giveaway!

Good morning all! I hope your Saturday is filled with watching football, sipping coffee, reading, hanging out with friends, soaking up the last rays of summer, and/or whatever else makes you happy. AND, I hope this chance to win $100 makes your Saturday a little better! ;)

Allie from Call Me Sassafras contacted me this past month to pitch an idea: A giveaway where participants not only needed to mindlessly click through social media links to join, but actually had to get to know us a little better in the process. Doesn't that sound fun? Plus, it's a great way to find new blogs! I've been reading Call Me Sassafras for as long as I can remember, and Allie is always funny and honest and writes about neat topics that I can't find anywhere else in my Bloglovin' feed (e.g. useful science!). In fact, you should definitely check out her giveaway post today, which includes four easy and effective ways to discover new blogs.

And now, for the main dish, here is the blog scavenger hunt to help you discover and love some new blogs!

To enter, follow the instructions for each entry. This may mean following a blogger on social media and it may mean visiting their blog and answering a short, easy question. Have fun!

Allie, Celeste, Diane and I say thanks to everyone who entered and supported our blogs! We hope you've found some fun, new blogs to read and bloggers with whom to interact. Please share your favorite blogs in the comments so I can find some new blogs to read! Happy weekend and good luck!

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