Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Giveaway! A picture is worth a thousand words.

A few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I had been voted the "Bookish Babe Blogger" for Angie's annual Best of Blog awards! As part of my award, Angie graciously offered me free ad space on her blog and the chance to participate in her monthly sponsor giveaway. This month, the prize is an adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. :) Continue reading after the jump for giveaway details.


To complement the photography theme of this month's giveaway, each sponsor shared a favorite photo with a brief description of why that photo is so special to them.

In Her Lens

Stephanie from In Her Wonderland

"Alice in Wonderland is my absolute favorite movie (Tim Burton style). I found this necklace on Amazon and absolutely fell in love with it. I think I love the photograph more than I love the actual necklace. It really represents who I am a lot."

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Fun in the Water

Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick, & Stilettos

"This photo was taken of me, my sisters, and my niece on our recent vacation. I love it because we were having the best day! We are so close but don't live near each other- our time together is precious."

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Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Megan from Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Megan from Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

"I took this photo on my honeymoon in Southeast Asia last year. We woke up at 4:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, but the most beautiful part of the sunrise was behind us, over this temple library. The photo is extra special for me because I'm studying to be a librarian, so I love visiting libraries (old and new) in other countries. :)"

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Bethany from Stella Kenton Body Shop

"This place is Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, GA. Generations of my family's love is here; good energy spills out of the trees and sand. This picture was taken when I took my two very best friends there for the first time. They let me share a special place with them just like my grandparents had shared it with my parents and my parents with me and, a few years after this picture was taken, I shared it with my little family. There's something powerful about being at Driftwood, standing and loving the beauty in the same place and way my family has for years before me."

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Kimi Who

Kimi from Kimi Who

"This picture is of my late husband Charlie and my daughter, Hailey when she was 2 years old. It's one of too few pictures that I have of them together. Although she wasn't biologically his child, he became more of a Daddy to her than I ever could have hoped for or expected. I smile every time I look at this picture, knowing how genuinely happy they were when it was taken."

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Alanna & Company

Alanna from Alanna & Company

"I know this isn't super personal, but I use this as my iPhone background, I have this quote on my office wall, all over the place. It means a lot to me."

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A Cat-Like Curiosity

Sarah from A Cat-Like Curiosity

"I guess this is cheating a little, as it is technically four photos you see here ;) I love this picture because it really encapsulates my life right now. I am all about art, creativity and creating joy in my life. When I think how far I've come in a few short years it makes me so happy, and this picture really represents that for me."

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Stumbling Upon Lizzy

Stumbling Upon Lizzy

Lizzy from Stumbling Upon Lizzy

"I love this photo because number one I LOVE ice cream. The second reason I love this photo is because it was taken when my husband and I were spending a little time with family at a local ice cream shop. It brings back happy memories full of laughter and love."

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We Took the Road Less Traveled

Casey from We Took The Road Less Traveled

"I love this photo because it's from the first big trip my husband and I took this year after moving back to the states from Germany. It was a long year of big changes and new beginnings, so it was nice to take some time for ourselves and reconnect with each other and our love of travel!"

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Kat of SimplistiCreations

"I love this photo because it shows the city in a state most people don't see. Hong Kong is constantly busy and is always in motion, surrounded by people going somewhere and things happening. For once, this city is still and there’s a sense of solitude."

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