Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Top Travel Blogs

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday, a weekly travel link-up for you to share any and all travel stories, tips and/or tricks! Today I'm sharing a handful of my favorite travel blogs to read. If you want to share your favorite travel blogs as well, be my guest, but don't feel obligated to write about the suggested topic.

Exceptional (Former) Expat Blogs

As I was listing my two selections for this category, I realized they aren't actually expats anymore! Melyssa and Chelsea* were both expats when I first started reading their posts last year, but they've each moved back to the States in recent months. (That doesn't mean they don't still have great travel content, though!)
The Nectar Collective
Lost in Travels 

*Of course after I wrote and scheduled this post last night, I was catching up on my blog reading and saw that Chelsea is saying goodbye to blogging. :( You will be missed!

Delightful Dash-of-Travel Blog

I dubbed this category the "dash-of-travel" blog because I started reading it for the travel posts, but travel is only a small part of all the wonderful things Nicole writes about:

Phenomenal Photography Travel Blog

This is a fairly new read for me—I just started following Casey's blog in the past month or two—but my goodness her photos are gorgeous! And she lives in Germany, so she gets to take plenty of fun trips around Europe, which I then get to re-live vicariously through her blog:

I-Have-Literally-Read-Every-Post Travel Blog

I started reading this blog about three years ago, and I don't think I have ever skipped a post in my RSS feed or "marked as read" on Bloglovin'. Christine is a former expat and world traveler who now lives in New York City but continues to take fabulous trips quite regularly and is a great example of how to explore your own city to the fullest extent:

~ ~ ~

Before I end this post, let me say that it was very hard to pick only five blogs to spotlight in this post. I read A LOT of travel blogs, and of course I don't read any blogs that I don't think are fabulous, but I had to draw the line somewhere or this post would have gone on for ages, so I only picked five. I'm curious to know, though: What blogs did I miss? Who else should I add to my feed?

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