Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ask Me Anything!

As you may or may not know, today is my birthday, and I thought you might want to give me a little gift. ;) Don't worry—it's free! I have been wanting to do one of these "ask me anything" posts for a while now, but I was worried no one would ask questions and my idea would crash before it even got off the ground. So I figured: What better time to solicit questions than on my birthday, when you would have to feel like a horrible person to ignore my request for questions, right? Right?? ;)

So please, feel free to ask any burning questions you have about me in the comments! Anything goes: my travels, this blog, my reading habits, my fiance, etc.! And while we're on the topic of information about me and this blog, I thought I would finally catch up on some blog awards* I've been nominated for and share some fun facts about myself:

>> I didn't have a smartphone until my freshman year of college. (I know! I felt so behind the curve....)
>> I've been to Las Vegas twice, but I wasn't 21 either time. Good thing my sister is planning my bachelorette party for Sin City this year! ;)
>> I am the mayor of my local library on Foursquare. I was also the mayor of the Santa Fe Public Library when I lived in New Mexico.
>> My car and my bike are both named Fiona. I named my car Fiona because she's a Ford Fusion, so I wanted her name to start with an "F," but she didn't seem like a Francesca. Then, when I bought my commuter bike two years ago, it happened to be a Novara Fiona, so she was already named!
>> I didn't like The Great Gatsby. (Gasp!)
>> My favorite movie of all time is Love & Basketball. I can quote practically the entire movie, especially the break-up scene.
>>  The first movie I ever cried in was Lilo & Stitch in the eighth grade.

*Thanks to Cait's True Life and Away from Tenerife for nominating me for The Lovely Award, and Vintage 1973 for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

Comments on this post will be open until March 28, and I will publish a new post with my answers to your questions at the beginning of April!

P.S. — Several years ago, I shared 22 fun facts about me in honor of my 22nd birthday. Just in case you haven't gotten enough Megan trivia for the day. ;)

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