Sunday, September 15, 2013

Currently: enjoying homemade guacamole

I've been meaning to link up with siddathornton's "The Sunday Currently" for a long time, but my special projects kept taking up my Sunday posts on the blog (e.g. my summer book challenge and photo challenge, most recently). I almost postponed this link-up for another week because I already posted once today, but I changed my mind. It's my blog and I want to participate now! :) I hope you don't mind seeing me twice on your blog reader today. Now for the currently part ...

Photo via @mcstroup on Instagram
reading | Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian. I've read quite a few of his novels, but this is my first historical fiction novel by him, so I'm excited to see how well he does in the genre.

writing | lots of blog posts in anticipation of my first day at my new job tomorrow (finally!). Things might quiet down a bit around here as I adjust to an 8-to-5 schedule in an office, but I don't want to leave my readers without anything scintillating to read. ;)

listening | to the football game on television. I don't particularly care about the Jaguars or the Raiders, but I'll watch any football game that's on.

thinking | about what to wear to my first day of work. It's a pretty casual office, but I would rather be overdressed on my first day than underdressed, right? These are important decisions....

smelling | the burner in my kitchen. Don't worry; I'm hard boiling eggs. I've just had such a craving for egg salad sandwiches lately. (Or egg salad with pita chips—even yummier!)

wishing | I could partake in autumn activities like wearing scarves, drinking salted caramel mochas and crunching leaves under my boots. I know the first day of fall isn't for another week, but here in California, summer will pretty much just turn into less-hot days and then summer will come back. Sigh....

hoping | that I like my new co-workers!

wearing | the most comfortable pair of sweatpants ever. Seriously. My fiance got me this pair from his university store a few years ago and my sister loved them so much I got her a pair for Christmas one year, too. They're fabulous.

loving | the long bike ride the fiance and I took yesterday. I stopped at the library to read while he continued up a mountain. (No, I'm not joking. It was a mountain.) I'm just not ready for that haha.

wanting | my first paycheck! I already bought myself a congratulations present on my new job, but now it's time to start refilling the savings account. Moving is so expensive!

needing | to decide about grad school. Do I apply? Where? Which program(s)? If I don't apply this fall, I'll have to wait until 2015 to go back to school, and that just seems so far away.

feeling | a little sore from the aforementioned bike ride, but happy and content to be curled up on the couch with Jonathan watching our favorite sport.

clicking | through my Bloglovin' feed before the week starts and leaving some comment luv. ;)

How is your Sunday going?


Julie said...

One can never be overdressed! Hope you enjoy your first day at work. Happy Sunday! XO

Victoria said...

I love planning my workday outfits too :)

good luck!!!

a long bike ride sounds like perfection! I love cycling,too.

happy sunday!

The Lady Okie said...

Want to know what I'm smelling? Burnt popcorn. I have Jordan to thank for that. Burnt popcorn is the worst!

Unknown said...

good luck with the new job!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read a Chris Bohjalian book yet but I would definitely like to. Which one of his do you recommend starting with?

Fran said...

egg salad with pita chips sound so good! I'll have to try that soon