Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photo A Day: October

It's time for another photo a day challenge recap! At least this time I'm getting it up before the next month is halfway over. :)

I decided my previous way of sharing my challenge images was not very user-friendly because you couldn't read the captions while you were looking at the pictures. I'm trying a new design this week to make reading my post a little more convenient. What do you think?...

2. I don't know if I could ever get tired of In-N-Out for lunch.
6. I was so thankful to see my sister Abby when I was visiting a chapter in San Diego! Abby's boyfriend lives there, so we were able to meet up and watch a football game. (Poor Dawgs.)
9. A nice little splash of red at my fancy lunch at La Gran Terraza.
10. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw I get to do a joint visit with some pretty awesome consultants after Thanksgiving! Yay!!

18. This little turtle USB made me smile. (Remember my obsession?)
20. 4 o' clock: During my days off, my family spent the afternoon at a pumpkin patch and corn maze. Talk about fall fun!
22. I don't know what to consider "my town" anymore, so I'm claiming the friendly skies. :)
27. Mizzou's first SEC win (finally!) made my morning during a long travel day. (And I actually got to watch our four overtimes vs. Tennessee this weekend in the Seattle airport! Yippee!)

28. Just looking back on where I traveled during the month of October.
30. I get so excited when I have access to a closet to hang up my clothes (and the visit is long enough to make it worth it).
31. The final photo was whatever I pleased, so I decided to share my love of SVU. Yes, I prioritized watching SVU over celebrating Halloween. No, I have no regrets. :)
Plus: Who's participating in the November challenge right now?

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

THanks for grabbing my button, it is so exciting to see it up there. Once I figure out how to put buttons on, I will add yours (one step at a time around here.) THat Mizzou-Tenn game what nuts!