Saturday, November 17, 2012

I've got the whole world ...

... in my bag!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember when I posted about how I fit my entire life into 96 pounds worth of luggage at the beginning of this journey. Somehow, a lot of those items have migrated to a permanent place in my purse. You never know what you might need! On any given day, my purse serves as ...

... an actual purse. Of course I have the necessities: Wallet, passport, business cards (in multiple holders; I have quite a collection now), receipt pouch, assorted ticket stubs that haven't been thrown away and my Alpha Delta Pi badge.

... a drugstore. Some chapter members have called my purse the "Mary Poppins bag" because I can seem to find everything in there. A chapter member smeared her eye make-up during a meeting? Good thing I have some Neutrogena cleansing wipes! Someone has a headache? I'm handing out the pain relievers! Got a stain? I have TWO Tide-to-Go pens for that. Other items in this category include gum, mints, Tums, cough drops, assorted pieces of candy, a water bottle, Kleenex, a nail file, a compact mirror, various lip balms, sunglasses, hair ties, bobby pins, hand sanitizer and—of course—a small flashlight.

... Best Buy. Of course I need my basic technology: My iPad, various cords, a USB drive, my phone (and my work phone, which I used to take these pictures) and my iPod.

... a (post) office. I have this thing for stationery, so I always have a few cards on hand. I also carry a small photo album I've been using to collect postcards from each school, a pencil pouch with assorted pens and highlighters to color-code my planner, said planner, return address labels, an unfinished crossword, post-its and two notebooks (one big and one small; you never know what the occasion will call for!).

Other items that can often be found in my purse depending on the day include a TSA-approved bag of liquid toiletries, a bag of almonds (or other snacks), my padfolio, my Kindle and/or chargers for my various electronics.

So tell me: What's in your bag?

P.S. — I did a similar post back in May, but my life was significantly less interesting then.

5 comments: said...

Very good.

Deidre said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with all the stuff in your bag! That must be kind of handy to everything at your finger tips! But heavy!!

I have to carry a back pack (foxy!) because I have to bring my own lap top to work.

Jessica Bucher said...

Even though you fit a lot of stuff in there, it looks very tidy. If I were to empty my purse it would be mostly receipts, tissues, crumbs, fruit snacks and yesterdays' sippy cup. That's mom life for you. LOL
I love your orange bag, btw. :)

ALLIE NYC said...

wowie zowie that is a lot of stuff!! I have my iphone, my wallet, a canvas tote to avoid plastic bags, sun glasses, my business cards and mint gum.

Ali of:

Anonymous said...

Ok, ADORABLE bag. And, yes, you are Mary Poppins.