Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summer Book Challenge Winner: Heather L.

I know it's been a while since the Semi-Charmed Summer 2012 Book Challenge ended, but I wanted to be sure to feature each of the ladies who completed that challenge as we prepare for our first Semi-Charmed Winter 2012 Book Challenge check-in (on December 1!). This first reader I'm featuring finished all 14 books of the challenge in the first six weeks! Read more about her after the jump.

Heather L. of Cross-Stitching Diva

Favorite book of all time: Wow, that's really hard to say. It really depends on the genre. For horror, I have two: Pet Sematary and Misery. For romance, I really liked The Thorn Birds and The Wedding.
Favorite author: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult, Karen Kingsbury.... I really don't have just one.
Favorite book you read for the summer book challenge: The Hunger Games Trilogy
Is there any book (or author) you absolutely refuse to read? Anything Anne Rice. I used to read her, but she is WAY too detailed for me. 
What book is at the top of your to-read list right now? I have so many it is very hard to say. I have quite a few that I need to read.
What was the first book that really made an impression on you? Why? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I guess it was because it was my first big chapter book that I remember. I bought it from a school book fair and finished it in a couple days. That was the first book I remember reading, and it was the start of a love of books.
Where is your favorite place(s) to read? You give me a book and I'll find a place to read it. But after this spring, my favorite place to read will be on my swing under my pergola.
Who would write a book about your life? I really don't know who would. I have a stay-at-home-mom life. :)


Thanks for participating, Heather, and best of luck in the winter book challenge! Hopefully we can do one again in the spring so you can put that pergola to good use. :)


Jessica Bucher said...

I love that last question, Megan.
I am determined to finish this challenge! Great job Heather!

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for that. Yes I'm looking forward to a spring challenge too. You get me reading books I would normally not read. I love it. One a side note, just wait until check in on Dec 1. If you follow my Goodreads, you'll have already noticed.

Leah said...

Those were some great questions Megan! And how cool to feature the readers. I need to get reading so I can have an update on Dec 1st! hehe.