Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Advice needed!

Hi friends. Welcome back to another combined edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday. I love Wednesdays because these link-ups give me the chance to throw a bunch of random, positive and/or pretty things out there. First, though, I've decided to host my own summer book challenge on this blog, so please check it out if you like to read! :) And here goes....


First, I am loving so many things about this week!! On Saturday, my dad came through Albuquerque on a road trip, so I got to spend Saturday evening and Sunday morning with him. We had dinner, checked out an Irish pub, played some blackjack (I kicked his butt!) and had Dunkin' Donuts the next morning. (As a Southern transplant to California, my dad drinks Dunkin' Donuts as often as he gets the chance. Fun fact: There are no Dunkin' Donut shops in California. Until this military base gets one, that is.)

As if seeing my dad wasn't great enough, I'm leaving for Columbia tomorrow, which means I'll get to see this girl and this girl and this girl and so many more of my Mizzou friends! #lovelovelove

Back to Albuquerque, though.... I decided to stop by the mall and see if I could find something to match my awesome yellow skirt I bought last week. (Y'all remember how excited I was about that find, right?) I didn't end up getting anything to go with the skirt, but I did buy a really cute navy blazer at Forever 21 to add to my ever-growing "young professional" wardrobe. Also, thanks for all your comments and fashion advice last week! I've decided I want to get a charcoal gray pencil skirt suit this summer; let me know if you see a cute one anywhere! Now that that's decided, I have two more fashion questions for you:
  1. What other color blazer should I get (in addition to my navy one)? I'm thinking something pastel or bright, just to be fun, but I still want to be able to wear it with a lot of different pieces.
  2. What the heck should I wear with my yellow skirt? I'm thinking light blue and/or white, inspired by this fabulous outfit, but I can't think of anything else that would look good. Help! This is it:

Image via The Limited, but product no longer available

My favorite purchase of the day, however, was a pair of these nude flats from Payless. They were already ridiculously cheap and comfortable, but the first store I went to didn't have my size, which meant I got an additional $4 off! So I scored these flats for $12. Considering how much I'm planning to wear them, they'll probably end up costing under 6 cents a wear. (That was an arbitrary number. I don't really know; it will probably be even less haha.)

Okay, enough with the clothes! If you know anything about me, you know I'm not good at or interested in fashion, but this job transition thing has really gotten me excited about shopping. (Then again, you might be thinking: But I do know you at least a little, and I didn't know that, a la Suri. But I'm confident most of you probably know I'm the anti-shopping kind of girl, unless it's for Sims expansion packs or groceries.)

Now, on to the pins! I've made a couple delicious Pinterest recipes during this past week that I'd like to share. My comments on each meal are included in the pin's caption:

And here's one final thought to leave you with for the rest of the week:

Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see what everyone else is pinning and loving today.


Unknown said...

that sandwich looks amazing! and love the yellow skirt!

Lindsay Cochrum said...

You can get discounts at Payless if they don't have your size?? I should never pay full price for shoes!In fact, I'm pretty sure I wanted those nude flats last time I went, but they didn't have an 12s.

Zara said...

I love that skirt! It's a perfect spring/summer color. I would like to see it paired with another shade of yellow, possibly a red or an orange. I think if you find the right shade of bright color that complements the skirt it would make for a very fun outfit. You can also pair it with neutral colors like nudes, whites, grays or even browns.

Rachel said...

Great loves! That skirt is so cute!
Love the verse too

Erin O'Riordan said...

Is that the Book of Proverbs? It's so wise.

Carenpants said...

I've been lacking in my comments lately, but I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU! Anyway, that sandwich looks amazing. I think you could wear the navy blazer with the yellow skirt. My cousin has this light light light pink (almost off white) linen blazer that is adorable, so I think a pastel blazer is a good idea! I think you could even wear it with the yellow skirt if you're feeling bold. Any white or off white would look good with the skirt. We can chat more at Starbucks!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love the new header! And Kelly green with yellow is a fave combo of mine or coral

Sarah Davis said...

First of all, this post is making me hungry! Seoond, excellent choice on the yellow skirt! I was pleasantly suprised to see that it wasn't mustard yellow (not my fave, because I can't wear it). I'm thinking that maybe I will make the whole Color Consultation thing a weekly event... So next week will be your skirt! I think this would look great with navy and turquoise together. Obvi, your got the stripes and denim down but I think we can make it interesting with a graphic print. I want to stay away from making it too pastel because then it tends to go way too Easter egg ;) Enjoy your weekend and I will put some things together for ya!