Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rabbit, rabbit!

Source: via Pam on Pinterest

Happy April, everyone! (If my post title doesn't make sense to you, see my explanation here. And by the way, I beat my sister to it today. Ha!) The sun has been shining here in Santa Fe, and I'm getting ready to embark on a 14-mile bike ride to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. (That's long for me, OK! I'll work up to longer distances eventually.) First, though, here's a quick recap of March on Semi-Charmed Kind of Life:

My five most popular posts of March:
  1. Big news! — March 7 (This was overwhelmingly my most-viewed post of March, probably due to a little retweet by Alpha Delta Pi's official Twitter account. Thanks, Ashlyn!)
  2. Bookworm humor. — March 29
  3. The age of literacy. — March 29
  4. The Hunger Games v. Uglies — March 22
  5. Travel Tuesday: Week 2 —  March 6 (This was my first time hosting a link-up. If you like to travel—or even just to dream about it—link up with me every Tuesday!)
Other notable posts:
My favorite posts of last month actually ended up on my most-viewed list (#2, #3 and #4), but there are a few others I'll point out in case you missed them:

P.S. — I just recently realized that when I replied to your comments on my blog, you weren't notified. I've started e-mailing replies instead, so please don't think I was ignoring all your comments! I just didn't know Blogger didn't tell you. :)


Jessica Bucher said...

So annoying how blogger doesn't notify if your comment is replied to! hopefully they'll fix that.

Sara said...

14 mile bike ride?! You go girl! I'm usually tired after 3 blocks! haha

Carenpants said...

All the cycling at the Rec has paid off! I've stuck with it and I really like it!
Totally unrelated, but I just saw a flyer for Study Abroad in Kigali and naturally thought of you and it reminded me of a book you might like. It's called This Voice in My Heart by Gilbert Tuhaboyne. The author (if I remember correctly) was one of the only in his town to survive. My dad read it and actually got in touch with him and has seen him speak a few times and I actually got to meet him. It's a little gruesome, obviously, but really good!

Raquel said...

Yayyy! I say, "rabbit, rabbit" on the first of the month too! We've got more in common that just being in the most fabulous sorority ever.