Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Week 6

Welcome to another edition of Travel Tuesday! This week's (suggested) topic: How do you spend your time on a plane? How does that vary from short flights to long flights? Or do you prefer to make long trips overground? As usual, please link up with your travel-related posts below, even if they're a different topic than the prompt I provided.

First, let me just say that I am no stranger to plane travel. I lived in three different states before I turned 8, and my cousins and grandparents are spread pretty widely across the U.S. Therefore, multiple long plane trips a year (meaning California to North Carolina and/or Pennsylvania) were routine when I was a child. I also chose to go to school 2,000 miles from home, and my sister, boyfriend and brother all attend school in different states. So any time I want to visit them, I also fly! Whew.

The longest flight I have ever been on was 16 hours from Dubai to San Francisco (we flew over the North Pole!). Luckily, I was on the wonderful Emirates airline with countless movies to choose from and an empty seat next to me, so the flight really wasn't bad at all. You can read my full blog post from that journey here.

Typically, though, I do two things on planes: sleep and read. When I was younger (up until I was already in college, actually), I could not fall asleep on a plane. Put me in a car, and I was out in ten minutes, but planes were just impossible for me. I really didn't mind, though, as long as I had a good book and some puzzles. I always keep a puzzle book with me in my backpack, but I often did the crosswords in the airline magazines as well.

Luckily, I now I have no problem falling asleep on planes, and have even been known to have a few asleep-before-I-took-off-and-out-until-landing experiences. When I don't sleep, my Kindle is my most highly prized travel companion—of course (read my full review of the e-reader here). Plane rides are also the optimal time for me to catch up on at least one issue of the many magazines I subscribe to, and then I can leave it in the seat pocket for the next passenger. I still like to do puzzles occasionally, but I really do sleep the majority of the time.

I know my post wasn't super stimulating today, but I really wanted to hear what all of you do on planes! Especially with all the air travel I'll be doing as a Leadership Consultant this coming year, I could use some ideas. :)

Next week's prompt: We've already discussed the destination at the very top of your travel bucket list, so now I want to know: Where's one place you have absolutely no (or very minimal) desire to visit? Why? As always, don't feel obligated to follow my prompt! I'd love to read any travel-related posts you've written (even if they're not current).

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Carenpants said...

So excited for you to come visit! I was laughing so hard at your story about scaring your friend. See you soon! :)