Monday, February 2, 2015

More & Less in February

Is it just me, or is "February" one of the weirdest words in the English language? I did spell it correctly in the graphic, right?? Anyway, I received pretty positive feedback on my "more and less" New Year's Resolutions last month, and I thought it would be a good way to outline my monthly goals for the rest of the year! Here's what I hope to do more and less of in February:

more yoga (I just started the 30 Days of Yoga challenge and am loving it so far; big thanks to Christy for introducing me!)

> less sleeping in and more productive mornings

> more experimenting in the kitchen and healthy, homecooked meals

> less time scrolling through Instagram (when I've seen everything on my feed, I start perusing hashtags; it's a problem)

> more bike rides as the weather keeps warming up

I was actually planning to include "less Netflix" on this list, but I've barely watched any Netflix for the past two weeks! It's mostly because I've been inundated with schoolwork, but there was a time I would have watched Netflix anyway, so that's progress. :)

What are you hoping to accomplish (or do less of) this month?

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