Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Never have I ever ...

When I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda from The Lady Okiewas co-hosting a link-up today called "Never Have I Ever," I just knew I had to play along. How fun is that??

Sunset at Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

>> been to South America. Or Australia. Or Antarctica.

>> highlighted, dyed or otherwise colored my hair.

>> had artificial nails.

>> gotten a traffic ticket. (Crossing my fingers I didn't just jinx myself!)

>> owned a new car. (Personally, I don't think I ever will—there are some really nice used cars out there—but who knows what will happen in the future.)

>> learned to drive a stick shift.

>> seen an episode of Breaking Bad.

>> tried drugs (you know, Breaking Bad --> drugs; I do know the premise!). I tried a cigarette once when I was 14 (just to prove I didn't like smoking; kids are so silly) and I did drink alcohol before I turned 21, but that was the extent of my bad behavior. Oh, and I got in a fight with my best friend in 6th grade once. And missed curfew a few times in high school because I was off cavorting with my now-husband. But I think that's it! ;)

>> seen a Rocky movie or The Godfather.

>> been to Oregon. (And I live in California! Such a travesty.)

>> learned to play a musical instrument.

>> watched a Lord of the Rings movie. (I was waiting until I read the books to see the movies, but then I read the first book and really didn't like it that much. So I still haven't gotten around to the second book yet.)

>> been on a cruise.

What haven't you done? Link up your list with Amanda and Kiki and see what other bloggers have never done using the button below:


P.S. — Don't forget to link up with Amanda and me on Monday, January 19, for our one-time "I believe ..." link-up! Your post can be silly, serious, or anywhere in between. (For example, one of my beliefs is "pockets make me 17 times more likely to buy any dress.") Hope to see you then!

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