Friday, February 21, 2014

The Five Coolest Winter Olympic Sports

Of course I had to get an Olympics post on here before the Games end! I will admit, I'm more of a Summer Olympics fan (mostly because I love gymnastics but also because of the greater variety of events), but any Olympics are awesome in my book! So, without further ado, I bring you the five coolest winter sports (in my humble opinion). Pun intended! ;)

Top 5 Winter Olympic Sports on Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

5. Biathlon: Who ever thought, "I know! We should have our cross-country skiers stop periodically and shoot five targets with a rifle"? Apparently, it was someone in Scandinavia. Oh wait—did you think that was a rhetorical question? You know I can't pass up an opportunity for a history lesson.

4. Curling: I will be brutally honest here. This is only on the list because it's the one sport that gives me hope I could be an Olympian someday. Ski jumping? I don't think so. Figure skating? Definitely not. Pushing a rock across ice with a broom? Maybe with enough practice....

3. Ice hockey: I think I like watching hockey because it's a sport I can understand. It's a team sport with a clearly defined score, so I know what to expect and feel more comfortable cheering during the event because I actually know when something is good or bad.

2. Speed skating: That is just so cool. Period.

1. Figure skating: Individual or pairs, ice skating or ice dancing, I just love it. What other sport can you perform to Les Mis? Seriously?

Have you been watching the Games? What are your favorite events? Any non-Americans out there rooting for a different country??

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