Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Travel Tuesday: At the Home of the King.

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! After devising suggested prompts for the past two weeks, I thought I'd leave this week wide open regarding the topic. I already shared some Instagram photos of my trip to Tennessee last fall, but today I thought I would go into more detail and share some photos of our afternoon at Graceland.

Graceland, as you probably know, was the home of Elvis Presley. I have to admit, I had always expected a much bigger and more lavish home, and I was somewhat surprised when we pulled up to the exterior. It's not that the house was not large; I just picture something very different when I think of a "mansion," and the house looked fairly traditional from the front yard. The inside definitely did not disappoint, though, as each room was more eclectic than the last. The upstairs rooms are not open to the public, out of respect to Elvis and his family, but we explored the ground floor and the basement.

My attempt at being "artsy" - capturing Jonathan and me walking down the mirrored stairwell.

This is how little I knew about Elvis: I didn't even know he served in the military!

After exiting the main house, we walked through the gorgeous grounds and a few more rooms filled with Elvis memorabilia and his countless music awards.

After touring the actual mansion and grounds, Graceland also has several exhibits set up across the street, including Elvis' private airplanes and cars, and some educational exhibits about his childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi.

And this is what we get for having a stranger take our picture. At least he got most of the car?

Even as someone who doesn't consider herself an Elvis fan, it was pretty neat learning so much history about The King.

Are you an Elvis fan? Have you ever been to Graceland, or do you want to visit?

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