Sunday, October 13, 2013

Currently: recapping my banned books week photo challenge

Happy Sunday, everyone! I promised you last Sunday that I would recap my favorite entries in my Banned Books Week photo challenge last month, but I broke that promise. So, I'm recapping today! First, though, I want to share my current goings-on for siddathornton's The Sunday Currently link-up.

image via @mcstroup on Instagram
reading | The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Holy cow. Expect more thoughts on this book during the Literary Junkies link-up on Tuesday. I hope to be finished with it by then!

writing | this post, a recap of my Tennessee trip to publish tomorrow, and hopefully my Travel Tuesday and Literary Junkies posts for Tuesday if I'm really productive. :)

listening | to the football game, as usual. All these Sunday Currently posts are starting to sound the same! I need to get out more haha.

thinking | about running 13.1 miles next month. And getting really nervous about it.

smelling | the fresh air outside my open window. During my training run on Thursday evening, I ran by a high school with a few athletes outside waiting for their rides, and I just thought, "Yup. It definitely smells like high school football season."

wearing | a towel. Is that inappropriate? I just ran nine miles and didn't want to get dressed immediately after getting out of the shower haha.

loving | that I got to see all my consultant sisters last weekend at Caroline's wedding! It was a great reunion after not being together since Grand Convention in June.

wanting | an Angry Orchard. I bought the variety pack at Safeway the other day, and I still have two flavors to try. ;)

needing | a sports massage. Or to learn how to run with relaxed shoulders. Either would be welcome and much appreciated.

feeling | excited that my mom and sister are coming to town in a few weeks to go wedding-dress shopping with me!

clicking | through my out-of-control inbox. I hadn't been checking my personal email during the day for a few weeks because my brother used up all the data on our wireless plan, but I'm hoping to get the unread emails under control this weekend.

~ ~ ~

And now, for my #bookphotoaday recap! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, both on Instagram and Twitter. Some of you even dedicated entire posts on your blog to the challenge, and I really appreciated that. Here are my photos for each day, plus my four favorite Instagram contributions from each day in collage form:

September 22: favorite banned book

September 23: where you like to read

September 24: bookmark

September 25: favorite quote from a book

 September 26: cover art

September 27: currently reading

September 28: library or bookstore
Sadly, I only got three other submissions this day, so I didn't make a collage.
Thank you to the following users for participating on Instagram: @sweetgreent, @ohseems, @onthewallcat, @myth_girl, @angieeatspeace, @sjbocci, @southernscbeans, @makeitcountblog, @jennyferlw, @dearbrighton, @lavieapres40ans, @kimberlyersk1ne, @southeastbymidwest, @abhivanth & @cristinaxmaria. I know there were probably a lot more, because there are 110 posts with the #bookphotoaday hashtag on Instagram, but I can only see a handful of them. I'm guessing the other users are private; bummer.

And to the following users for participating on Twitter: @Bittner29, @CleverKimberly, @LJSeidel & @eliza_sanders.

Do you participate in any photo challenges? If you played along with this one, would you be interested in doing something like this again? I would appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions!


  1. I enjoyed this photo challenge. I've just recently gotten instagram, so it was a good way to find other people and have people find me. Plus it's fun! I'd participate in future challenges.

  2. sounds like a lovely sunday!!

    i read the night circus a while ago,i wasn't that big of a fan of it least it is something different to read.

  3. What a fun photo challenge! Good luck with the wedding dress shopping :)

  4. towel time is the best time of the day ;) haha


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