Monday, June 18, 2012

Please don't steal my identity.

A few weeks ago, I photographed and shared the contents of my purse in this post. In the comments, one lovely blogger mentioned she had also seen people share the contents of their wallets. Well, that sounded fun to me, so here goes! (I think I censored all my personal information; hopefully my bank doesn't call me to approve possibly fraudulent charges in the next few days!)

First: The wallet. It was a gift from my sister and is my favorite wallet I've ever owned!

Now for the contents (from left, top to bottom, roughly): I kept my Mizzou student ID to continue getting discounts on movie tickets, oil changes, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? I also have my Mizzou alumni association card, so I just have to make sure that card is hidden away before I pay for my discounted services hehe.

Other assorted cards include my REI membership card, Santa Fe public library card, Smith’s rewards card and a Payless gift card that probably has about 11 cents on it. 

Of course, I never go anywhere without my Starbucks card. I used to keep one in my purse and one in my backpack when I was in school, but I don’t think it’s necessary for me to have three different cards in my wallet right now....

Don't bother robbing me, because this girl only carries $1 cash.

I don’t go to the movies often, but when I do, I definitely use my Regal Entertainment card, which earns me treats like the free popcorn voucher shown here.

You know me; I never pass up a free rewards program. The current collection includes my Panera rewards card, a Whole Foods lunch card, a punch-card for a local self-serve frozen yogurt shop and a rewards card for the coffee shop down the street from my office.
Looks like I need to visit Black Angus and/or Olive Garden soon to use up these gift cards.
Yes, I’m a total nerd. I have a little spreadsheet of the state quarters that I typed up and printed out in high school, and I keep it in my wallet so I don’t accidentally spend any quarters I don’t have yet.

Receipts on receipts on receipts. I keep mine until I have them entered in my budget and the the charges come through on my bank account, then I throw them away. Looks like I have a lot to catch up on!

And, finally, the necessary items: Credit card, debit card, driver’s license, health insurance card, AAA card and blood donor card. These are the items I meticulously scrubbed with the “retouch” brush in iPhoto before uploading. :)

What's in your wallet?


Whitney said...

We have matching credit cards! haha. My wallet includes debit and credit cards, insurance cards, rewards cards to Famous Footwear, Panera, and ID cards to both my university and the community college at which I worked!

Niken said...

my wallet is pretty much the same. lots of cards and no big cash money. plus a some photos

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Yayyy, glad you decided to go for this! :) I am also all about the Starbucks card!!

Book Dragon said...

since I haven't had to gas up in a while, I have cash ;) I have two zipper pouches in my wallet and the second one has all the cards I don't use much but don't want to leave at home (ahem, library cards from three neighboring counties) as well as several reward type cards and my check book.

The main zipper has DL, Costco, Sam's Club, AAA, medical, um, blood donor in the other zipper, bank card, and a church membership type card. Lots of receipts, coin zipper and the cash.

Don't think I'm brave enough to post a picture.

Carenpants said...

LONG TIME NO COMMENT. I don't think I've checked twitter or any blogs for days and I haven't blogged in a month. I've attempted several blog posts, but usually nod off before I can finish. Work is kicking my butt, so sorry for my lack of stalking lately.
In regards to this post: I never have cash either. Debit is the way to go.
P.S. Cute wallet

Meghan said...

I have SO many of those discount cards that I need to clean them out! I would say my wallet is very similar to yours:)