Sunday, June 24, 2012

My little (big) brother.

Michael is my little (big) brother because he's three years younger than me but about eight inches taller. That's how it usually goes, right? This little (big) brother of mine is turning 19 today, and I'm so excited I am home for his birthday! I missed his high school graduation and his 18th birthday last year because of my internship and being in Africa, so I'm excited to hang out with him today. Michael and I were those devil children that fought all the time when we were younger, but around middle school we suddenly became very close. I like it much better this way. :) So happy birthday, Michael! I love you!

Skiing in Tahoe.

Michael's first visit to Mizzou.
Hiking in Yosemite.
At Niagara Falls.
Michael was a camper at Summer Institute for the Gifted when I was a counselor. So fun!
The Arch in St. Louis.
My college graduation.
Michael's first prom!
And finally, just a funny sibling picture in Sonoma, Calif. I like the way Michael and I are looking at each other.

P.S. — In case you missed them, I did similar posts for my sister's birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Now you've met the whole family!

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Unknown said...

that last photo is soo cool. love the composition you guys have :)