Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Week 12

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Travel Tuesday! This week's topic is a throwback: What’s the best school field trip you ever went on as a kid? As always, you are free to write about anything travel-related; don't feel obligated to answer my prompt. And, of course, don't forget to link up below!

Travel Tuesday

As I've mentioned before in this link-up, my central California hometown was within day-trip distance of some pretty cool places. Hence, I got to go on some pretty neat field trips. The best, however, was when I was in sixth grade: My class went to The Tech Museum in San Jose, and it was awesome. (Granted, I couldn't remember the name of the museum and had to post a plea for help on Facebook. Ah, the beauty of crowd-sourced information. Big shout-out to Jessica for identifying it!)

Creative Commons photo via HarshLight on Flickr

A few things I remember: I saw my first IMAX movie, and I was a little frightened during the previews when we suddenly nose-dived over an Egyptian river. There was also an earthquake platform (very appropriate for an exhibit in the Bay Area) and some neat games with electricity. Most of the details are a distant memory now, but I definitely remember thinking how cool the whole building was.

Disclaimer: I might be slightly biased toward this particular field trip because my "boyfriend" and I sat together on the bus, which was very exciting, but the exhibits were cool, too; I promise! :)

Next week: What’s the longest continuous vacation you’ve ever been on? What was hard about it? What did you like? How did you pack? Also, I'm running out of ideas for topics, so please leave a comment, tweet me or e-mail me if you have any good ideas! It would be much appreciated and help keep this little link-up chugging along. :)


jen said...

glad to have discovered this link up! keep it going :)

Jessica Bucher said...

I took two high school trips to LA in high school with my theatre troop and they were my favorites. If I had any access to pictures of those trips I would have shared them.
This place seems very cool, but I don't think I've ever been.

Also, for prompt ideas, how about...funny or crazy travel story?

Carenpants said...

Sorry I missed this week, I was too drugged to do anything yesterday since I got my wisdom teeth out in the morning. IMAX is cool, but I usually can't watch more than a few minutes because it makes me sick. I miss grade school field trips, but I'm working as assistant director at a camp this summer, so I'll go on plenty! Looking forward to coming back next week!

Anonymous said...

I love these Travel Tuesday posts of yours! I see them on yours and Jess' blog all the time & keep meaning to join in. I think I'll try to next week depending what my posting schedule looks like! I don't know what topics you've covered but here are a few ideas:

1. What's your vacation playlist? What kind of music do you bring along with you on trips & does it differ depending where you go?

2. What is one place (city, country, state, province etc) that you visited and you feel changed your life? What was it about the place that was life-changing?

3. What is a vacation you've thoroughly planned in your head but haven't taken yet? Why haven't you gone? What's the vacation and why?

Hope that helps get your ideas brewing! :)