Friday, May 18, 2012

New policy on images.

Photo via Photography King on Flickr

I decided I'm going to start being more responsible about the images I use on my blog. This means (a) taking more of my own photos and (b) being more careful about copyright and proper attribution. I have always provided sources for the images used on this blog, but sometimes that's only to Pinterest, and not everyone links their pins to the image's original source.

For example, tonight I logged onto Pinterest and searched "camera" for a nice photo for this post. I found a ton of great images, but the first photo I traced from Pinterest to its original source—and the second—was not available for my (legal) use. Then I remembered the Creative Commons search engine I use at work, and I finally found the image you see above. Instead of the fifteen seconds it would have taken me to embed the first image from Pinterest, it took me more than six minutes to find this one. But I feel better about myself, and that's what counts, right?

Anyway, I took some pictures today for a blog post and can't find my camera cord to upload them, so this is a replacement post about why I decided to start taking my own pictures. I was mostly inspired by this post by Kate, who is also the blogger behind Stripes and Polka Dots. In fact, after reading that post I made an extra effort to track down the original sources for the Pinterest pictures I used in this post last week, which was awfully hard. As a journalist, however, my flagrant disregard for copyright laws in my use of images had been bothering me for a while anyway. So thanks, Kate, for kicking my sense of responsibility into gear!

From now on, expect to see more of my own (very amateur) photography and photos with proper attributions, even if it takes me an extra six minutes for every image I use. Thanks for reading! And seriously, check out Kate's post. It's full of good advice and helpful tips for finding legal images.

P.S. — In case you were curious, I don't mind if you pin my images to Pinterest. However, please make sure the photo is linked to that particular post (not to my home page). Thanks!


Kate said...

You go girl! Thanks for the shout out :)

Niken said...

that is so right. i always try to give credit to the source of photograps/images that are not my own. sometimes it's kind of hard because of the things you just said.

you go Megan!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I have such a problem with pinterest for this reason. I started watermarking mine after I realized images from my blogs were pinned.

Jessica Bucher said...

great post! I'm glad you said this. I think I will follow your example and start taking/using my own pictures as well.
One thing I have done is take my own "stock" for example...I write a lot about books (shocker) and so if I have some free time and good lighting I'll set up a little book photo shoot and keep them in a stock folder, so I can get to them quickly if I need a book related shot.
I'm sharing this post on my

Carenpants said...

So important! I am so bad about this. Most of the time I'm using images from my pinterest boards, but I like you said it takes you to so many different pages, so it gets complicated. I need to start taking more of my own pictures too. Good job!