Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things that make go "hmm."

Hello all! Happy weekend!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

This pin represents my plan for today: Drink copious amounts of coffee in order to finish Catherine the Great in time for the Final Four games tonight! And so I can count it for the Winter Nest Book Challenge, which ends tonight. But of course, first I'm here to give you my interesting link round-up for this week. And if you missed my commentary on the young adult fiction debate that was in the New York Times on Thursday, please check it out and share your thoughts.

Photos of Swedish students with all their earthly possessions piled up around them show how to “live with less.”

A fascinating essay on the fashion evolution of the NBA and black America. Biggest “hmm” line: “Americans weren't used to seeing rich black kids, which is why we were asked to watch The Fresh Prince through the eyes of a poor black one.”

This blog.

This pin.

This very unique, Modern-Family-opening-credits-inspired vacation video.

My grandma always said she liked going to Mass when she traveled because it was the same everywhere. This beautiful post from C’est Christine captures a similar feeling.

An awesome infographic about interns in New York City. (The survey pool only included 100 people, but it covers a nice variety of topics. Plus, my friend Becky helped!)

What are your weekend plans? Also, I can't decide if this song is so bad it's good, or just bad. What do you think?

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Emily | Recently said...

Oh that blog is sadly funny! Makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time! :)