Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Bookish Hashtags to Explore on Instagram

It's no secret that I love Instagram. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time exploring the community, and my favorite posts are definitely travel photos and bookstagrams. Today I'm sharing five hashtags that I particularly enjoy exploring on any given day. :)

photo via @megtristao

1. #currentlyreading | This was the first "bookish" hashtag I discovered on Instagram. It gets a lot of use, so there are always new photos to scroll through.

2. #booksandcoffee | It's just how it sounds! #coffeeandbooks is another oft-used tag worth exploring.

3. #socksunday | This one is possibly my favorite: cozy tall socks, books and usually an accompanying cup of coffee. Who wouldn't want a Sunday like that? I did my first #socksunday post a few weeks ago, and I pretty much didn't want to move from that position all day. (Good thing there is this thing called football to get me out of bed ... and onto the couch. Hehe.)

4. #bookfacefriday | These are both hilarious and impressive. The @nypl and @burlingame_library accounts usually have good features of this hashtag on Fridays.

5. #bookishrainbow | This one is equally as fun to photograph as it is to peruse! It's always fun finding new books at the library purely based by their spine covers when I want to make a #bookishrainbow photo. That's how I found Until You're Mine—a thrilling mystery!

If you'd like to follow along with my bookstagrams and other photos (including travel, coffee and assorted paper products), follow me at @megtristao and/or check out my #meganreads hashtag. :)

What other bookish hashtags should I explore? What are your favorite things to see posted on Instagram?

P.S. — If you like Instagram and books, be sure to stay tuned for my third annual Banned Books Week Photo Challenge! I'll post the 2015 list on Sunday, September 13.

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