Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Book Challenge: Month 1

Hello, readers! It's been one full month since the summer book challenge began, which means it's already time to check in with your progress! If you are new to the challenge, feel free to review the rules and categories here. Remember, all books you have read dating back to May 1 count, even if you just joined the challenge yesterday (or today)! Continue reading after the jump to learn how to check in with your progress.

Please comment on this post in the following format to check in. Please do not forget page numbers! Remember all books must be at least 200 pages long unless otherwise specified. You may also link to your reviews or own check-in post if you wish, but that is not required. We operate on the honor code here, but I would love to read your posts and/or reviews if you have them! I also ask that you put a simple rating next to each book in your check-in post (on a scale of 1 to 5). Past participants have requested this feature to help them decide what to read next. :)
5 points: Freebie: Everything I Never Told You, Celeste Ng (297 pages, 3.5 stars)
15: Read a book by an author who is completely new to you: Euphoria, Lily King (256 pages, 4.5 stars)
15: Read a book by an author you have read before: Vanishing Girls, Lauren Oliver (357 pages, 4.5 stars)
15: Read a book with "light" or "dark" in the title (or "lightness" or "darkness”): The Light in the Ruins, Chris Bohjalian (309 pages, 3 stars)
25: Read a book that is longer than 500 pages: A Feast for Crows, George R.R. Martin [800ish pages (I don't read all the genealogy stuff at the end), 3.5 stars]
TOTAL POINTS: 75 points
Please record your progress thus far by June 7 in order to be included in the first scoreboard, which will be posted with the next check-in on July 1. Good luck!

P.S. — Don't forget to share your books on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SCSBC15! I'll be featuring my favorite photo from each month with the regular check-in. This month, I'm featuring Amber from mr. thomas & me. This is only one of the great photos she posted in May, but c'mon ... those eyes!!

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