Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Best (Complete) Television Series on Netflix

I used to watch a lot of Netflix. (And let's face it—the only reason I don't watch as much now is because I actually have cable and can DVR current shows.) Today, I bring you the top five complete television series available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure!

(Note: This does not include shows that are still on air, such as Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Parenthood, or several other fabulous shows you can find on Netflix. Heck, I guess I'll have to do a separate post about those next week!)

1. Friday Night Lights. I remember being so nervous when the original cast graduated and new actors came into the show, but it was still so good! Could it be over-the-top at times? Sure. But it was never a disappointment. (Warning: I sobbed like a baby during the series finale. And during several episodes before then!)

2. Lie to Me. It's pretty obvious I'm a huge crime show junkie. This show delivers the best parts of a procedural drama with an interesting twist: The main character is an expert in human behavior and basically serves as a human lie detector to help solve cases. Bonus: This show is only three seasons long, so you'll finish it in no time! I even have a quick guide to some of my favorite episodes.

3. Dollhouse. Speaking of quick shows, this one only lasted two seasons (unfortunately). Eliza Dushku (of Bring It On fame—yes, I did watch that entire clip for nostalgic reasons) plays a "human robot" whose personality and memories are erased and imprinted to serve client needs. I usually don't like sci-fi shows, but this was just the right amount of freaky for me.

4. Freaks and Geeks. Obviously this had to make the list. I still don't understand why this show was cancelled after only one season (wails in pain). I remember rushing home after school to watch an episode before my parents got home (because I assumed they wouldn't let me watch it—I still don't know how they felt about it to this day). Still on the fence about watching it? Two words: James Franco.

5. Greek. If you need a fun, light-hearted drama to pass away your weekends, this is the show for you. I watched it over a summer internship and it kept me alternately laughing and crying for a few solid weeks. I can't guarantee this show will be as enjoyable if you are not a fraternity or sorority member yourself, but I found it pretty humorous.

What other awesome series am I missing? I know Gilmore Girls is relatively new to the Netflix queue; is that one I should add to my list?

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