Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Where should I go on my honeymoon?

Welcome to Travel Tuesday, a weekly link up for all things travel! The suggested prompt for this week is romantic destinations (in honor of V-Day at the end of the week, of course), but all travel-related posts are always welcome! Today, I'll be sharing some possible honeymoon destinations for my fiance and I, and I'd love to hear your input (or other suggestions!).

Possible Honeymoon Destinations on Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

Originally, we had planned on traveling to Turkey and Croatia for our honeymoon. These were two countries we really wanted to go to last summer and just couldn't fit in, so we figured our honeymoon this fall would be the perfect excuse.

photo of Istanbul via Conde Nast Traveler
However, my mom, who lives abroad, wants to spend Christmas in southeast Asia this year, and we just don't know if we'll be able to swing two overseas trips in that short of a timespan. (Our wedding is the last weekend in October, so the honeymoon will probably be early November.) For that reason, we've been considering British Columbia as a still-international-but-a-heck-of-a-lot-closer honeymoon.

image of Campbell Icefields Chalet via Outside
I also wouldn't mind spending a week curled up in a cabin somewhere in Vermont or Maine, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling by a fire and maybe snowshoeing or visiting used bookstores when we want to venture into civilization.

photo of Stowe Church via Brian Jannsen

Where did you honeymoon? Do you have any tips for any of the above destinations?

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