Sunday, December 29, 2013

Photo a Day: November

My thoughts tonight: "Quick! Better get my November photo-a-day recap up before December ends!" *whoops* But really, I almost skipped November because it is so late until I noticed I only participated four times last month anyway, so this won't take too long to share. And I really liked these photos, so I wanted y'all to see them. :)

"P" is for ... Purdue Drive! And a pretty fall tree and playtime with my sister. :) She attended Purdue University for her undergraduate education, so I had to take her by this local street when she visited last month. 

I collect ... turtles! Duh. ;)

Yes! I was so excited to get my paperback version of Jodi's newest book. Her paperback release is always my most anticipated of the year.

All done: I captured this gorgeous sunset in Ocean Beach, San Diego, at the end of a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my family.

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