Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stocking Stuffers Under $20: The Organized One

I love giving gifts, but I don't love the pressure the holidays put on me to find the perfect gifts for everyone special in my life. I would much rather buy gifts throughout the year as I find things I think my family members would like than buy them something for Christmas just because I need something to put under the tree. One thing I DO love about holiday gift-giving traditions, though? The stockings!! I absolutely love finding stocking stuffers, and most of the items on my personal wishlist each year are honestly more in the stocking-stuffer category.

For the next few weeks leading up to the holidays, I thought it would be fun to create little stocking-stuffer gift guides as my own version of "Wishlist Wednesday." For the first installment, I've rounded up some smaller, inexpensive items that would be most appreciated by the organizers in your life: the planners, the type-A personalities, the paper-product junkies ... you know who I mean. :) I tried to pick items from stores that are pretty easy to find (think Target and Staples), but don't forget to check out Ross, T.J. Maxx or Marshalls for similar gifts in a low price range!

Stocking Stuffers for the Organized One

1. My original thought for this item was a cute kitchen timer, but this hourglass timer from World Market was just too pretty and classic to pass up. This would be perfect for any friends who believe in the Pomodoro method and need a cute, unique way to keep track of time.

2. A planner: duh! I don't actually know what the inside of this one looks like (which is obviously the most important part of a planner), but these birds drew me in right away. I know a lot of people live by Erin Condren, but I recommend Target or Barnes & Noble for much cheaper yet still cute and functional options.

3. Organized people hate being late. It throws off our whole day, and we don't want to keep anyone else waiting. A watch is the easiest way to keep track of time without pulling out your cell phone 64 times a day, and there are plenty of options out there for under $20, especially if you're one who likes to change her watch to match her outfit.

4. I just love The Container Store, and I think these acrylic jewelry stands are the perfect way to keep your favorite pieces organized while adding a little bling to your dresser or vanity.
$7.99 - $9.99

5. A phone case wallet is the perfect everyday version of your evening clutch. Just insert your phone and a few necessary cards (think ID and your debit card), and leaving the house to run errands has never been easier! Plus you don't have to be bogged down with whatever other stuff has made its way into your purse lately. (An apple, anyone? No, just me? Hmm, maybe I'm not as organized as I thought....)

6. My sister got me a pack of erasable pens for Christmas a few years back, and they are AWESOME. Remember how much we love our planners? Well, these pens provide the perfect way for us to color code and not desecrate our paper lives with ugly cross-out marks when something gets changed.

7. Of course, I had to sneak one more item from The Container Store in here. How cute are these bicycle paper clips?? 

Tell me: What would be the ideal stocking stuffer to help you get organized? What are some of your favorite organization gifts to give to friends and family?

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carly said...

I love this post! I always love finding cute little things to put in stockings as well :)

Katherine Levasseur said...

I love this! I always try to do stocking stuffers and little gifts for friends. My favorite is the watch. So pretty!

Unknown said...

that hourglass timer is amazing! I think that I need it immediately.
ps, thanks for sharing and linking up with Treat Yo Self Thursday!

Kate said...

Stopping by from the TYS link-up! I splurged and got a planner from Lilly Pulitzer ($40), which I love. Another great thing to check out at Target is their collection from Sugar Paper--lots of beautiful calendars and planners for the new year!

Unknown said...

Love everything here! I'm always lusting over new planners- although, I finally got one for this upcoming year and am in love!

Kari said...

Love everything, especially that hourglass. I'm over from Nicole's link-up, and I'm so glad I found your blog!

Amy Lee Scott said...

Oh goodness, those bicycle paperclips are adorable! I love stocking stuffers, too :)

Sarah Pete said...

Um, so totally love this! I'm always looking for stocking stuffer ideas! What a cute list!

Britta Marie said...

i bought those bicycle clips for my brother! so cute :)

Fran said...

Those bicycle clips are AWESOME.